Artful Totes

Unique Totes, Hand Bags and Quilted items for you to treasure

Our Specialties

.   I started piecing by hand and hand quilting.  I was really big into Applique’ for awhile, which to me required all hand stitching.  In the past 10 years I have most of my piecing with a Janome Sewing machine and have grown to love it.  Totes, Hand Bags and specialty items are the things I love to make.

Family Gifts

Thinking of a family member you want to get that special unique gift for. These are our latest designs for Spring and Summer.

Wedding Gifts

Your bridal party needs a gift that has special meaning.

Holiday Gifts

Adding the personal touch to your gift giving.

Custom Designs

Send me your idea and I will make a custom item for you.

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East Calais, Vermont